I'm Having A Baby!

I'm just so emotional right now...

Let's be honest. You know damn well I'm not having a kid. But I am going on tour in preparation to record my 2nd album! This is material I've been working on and re-writing since 2015 and I think it's just about ready. That's sort of similar right? Not at all? Well, excuse me then.

In any case, I'd love for you to be a part of this next album! I'm not sure if you saw my tour poster on my Facebook page, but it's super dope! And you can get one on my website right now! I'm signing the first 50.

Dwight Simmons Tour 2018-page-001.jpg

You can frame it and hang it up in your office, man cave, she-shed, nursery or plaster it on the side of your car. But now you'll always have some D in your life. That came out wrong...please just buy a poster before there's more unnecessary innuendo.
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