Why This Blog?

Many of you reading this know that I’ve had blog posts in the past on a wide array of topics ranging from personal growth to women’s issues. Hell, I even wrote about the hilariously embarrassing experience of losing my virginity. Though I find tremendous joy in writing, I’ve found that it has been difficult to stay disciplined and share what I write with any regularity. Self doubt can be a real son of a bitch. And it is the arch nemesis of creativity. In the past, I’ve not shared or posted what I’ve written but instead asked myself questions like, “Who the fuck would want to read this?” or just plain convinced myself that whatever I’m writing that day is a pile of hot trash. As I’ve grown as a comic, I’ve learned that sometimes you’ve gotta just put your ideas into the world and see what happens. I’ve also found that the best (or at least my favorite) stories are the ones that center around vulnerability. That’s why I enjoyed writing things like Lessons from a 30 year old black man and If a woman says she’s been raped, I believe her 100% of the time so much. If I don’t set my pride aside, and become vulnerable with more regularity, I’ll never become the type of writer I want to be. And so here we are.


As I fire up my new website (which will include tour dates, videos, etc.), my writing will be a major part of its functionality. Starting on March 2nd, I’ve committed to two posts a week. For better or worse, I will post something I’ve written on Tuesday and Friday. AND I WANT YOU ALL TO HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! As always, my writing will cover a plethora of things including:

  • Adventures in Tinderland - This is a series of personal short stories about dating before and during the online dating app craze.

  • Insanity from the Road - Traveling is a huge part of being a comic, and over the last few years, I’ve had quite a few unruly experiences out there on the open road.

  • The Real - This will involve everything from current events to thoughts on humanity. I’m looking for this part of my writing to start discussions and have real conversations with people. I try and ABL (Always Be Learning), so hopefully this section turns into a gateway to other people’s insights.

  • Random AF - This will serve as a catch all that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories.


I’m doing this blog because one of my lifetime goals is to become a published author. There’s no timetable on this. I don’t even know what my book would be about. What I do know, though, is that I can become a better writer. And as for now, that is my immediate goal. So I hope that you enjoy what’s to come! And if you don’t, well then hey! I gave it my best shot.


Peace, Love and Hugs.

The RealDwight Simmons